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Job-Designer is the online career service of LECTOR GmbH. We can look back on more than 20 years of experience in career counseling and application management. With Job-Designer we offer our services all over the world - independent of place, time or reason of your request.

No matter whether you are returning to work after a family phase or looking for a career after graduation. In our team we personally take care of your request. We advise on all matters relating to the application process in Germany. Applicants from abroad receive valuable information from us. In individual coaching sessions, we prepare you specifically for questions in the job interview or for challenging professional situations.

Our Career Service supports you in...

  •     ... the job search in Germany and abroad.
  •     ... the preparation of application documents (formulation of cover letter, resume, required documents).
  •     ... the professional orientation after training or studies.
  •     ... the search for internships and apprenticeships.
  •     ... the preparation for the job interview.
  •     ... dealing with challenging personal situations.

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Focus topic: Burnout

When it comes to burnout, the issue of "work" is often at the core of the challenge. The compatibility with private life is also becoming increasingly important in our fast-paced times.

In addition to prevention and therapy, many affected people want a solidarity partner who listens to them and accompanies them with competence.

You are concerned about the future and what can be done to prevent burnout syndrome and other stress-related problems?

Our job designers come from the health and social sector. Together, we dare to think outside the box to help you stay healthy and productive.

We want you to be healthy! That's why you should always contact medical staff immediately if you feel unwell. We are happy to accompany you in this phase, but of course we do not replace medical specialists!

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Focus topic: Job application training

Are you looking for a job in germany?

With individual counseling, we accompany you to your training, retraining or the job that is right for you.

We work according to our own scientifically evaluated concept in three phases:

1. goal setting for your individual path
2. target-performance analysis - which steps are necessary?
3. implementation of active action steps

Our consulting is exclusively based on individual methods. We support you as a personal advisor and competent companion in all steps until you are hired.

Focus topic: Family and career

Reconciling family and career is becoming an ever greater challenge in our fast-paced times. Working people are taking care of children and relatives and have to reconcile everyday duties with work. Some also cut back on their jobs to spend more time with their families.

This raises many questions that need to be addressed:

  •     How do I find my way back in?
  •     Should I change jobs?
  •     Which working time model is suitable?
  •     Do I have the right to work from home?
  •     How can I organize everyday life?

These challenges are of course relevant to all genders. But women in particular are affected by them more often than average. It is also very important for our well-being whether what we do is sufficiently valued.

We support you in staying healthy and productive. Because only those who show consideration for themselves can also be there for others.

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